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My Story

Why I started this business and what keeps me motivated..

My journey began 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought my life was over and everything just seemed pointless. I had 2 teenage daughters at the time and 2 grandchildren. I wondered why me, what am I going to do now, and what if I don't survive this? The normal questions that pop in your head when hearing that diagnosis I'm sure.

I had a great career with a company I was proud to work for, doing customer service which I loved. I had built my first home from the gound up and was a proud homeowner, so how could this happen to me? How could my life change so quickly?

But getting such a diagnosis, can and did, open my eyes to the things that are really most important in life, and it was none of what I mentioned. I was a christian woman, who had gone thru a lot to get to where I was, and now I was being faced with another hurdle. A life changing one at that.

The important thing was to live for my kids, my grandchildren, my family, my parents. To be strong and not let them see me breakdown became my mission. Knowing all the things I was about to go through, the surgery, the chemo, the hair loss, the side affects of chemo, the inability to work for awhile, the loss of strength, the sadness, the depression. The important thing was to just live and make sure I kept living for those who needed me.

And so the journey began, first surgery, and then 1 year of chemotherapy followed by the hair loss(that never came back) during the 3rd treatment. Time off work, everyday nausea and pain. I kept wondering when would it end?  I had no one to talk to about what I was going through, that would understand because they had gone through it too. I was the first in my family.

I prayed that my hair would come back as the doctor had promised once chemo ended, but it didn't. It grew back a little but not fully, leaving me with no hair, and appearing as if I had alopecia. I had begun wearing wigs when I lost my hair, as I could not face going out completely bald. I felt ashamed.  I still feel ashamed to this very day, because my hair 13 years later still never grew all the way back.

My life had become wigs, wigs, wigs! I would search high and low for the best top quality human hair wigs I could find, praying no one would notice it wasn't my hair. I watched other cancer patients come in for chemo treatment wearing head wraps and wigs too, but still I did not feel I belonged. I was ashamed among other women who was going through the exact same thing I was. I just could not shake the feeling of shame. As a woman, our hair is one of the things we treasure.

I found the best high quality wigs and I wore them proudly because no one could tell it wasn't my hair. I was once again able to style my hair, and look fabulous. I could go outside with my head held high, no more shame. I spent so much money to not feel ashamed, and I also found that depending on what top I wore and how I styled my hair and put on my make up really made a difference in my self morale. So that became my motivation. I wanted to give other women that same feeling of self worth, and pride. I created this store as a woman, for women who just want to be cute and classy and not go broke doing it. My theory is this, we are women, we can be cute and stay classy, affordably.