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Where are the discount codes?

Where are your discount codes?

Great question!! Glad you asked!!

Because all of our prices are already discounted, we do

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My Story

Why I started this business and what keeps me motivated..

My journey began 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought my life was over and everything just seemed pointless. I had 2 teenage daughters at the time and 2 grandchildren. I wondered why me, what am I going to do now, and what if I don't survive this? The normal questions that pop in your head when hearing that diagnosis I'm sure.

I had a great career with a company I was proud to work for, doing customer service which I loved. I had built my first home from the gound up and was a proud homeowner, so how could this happen to me? How could my life change so quickly?

But getting such a diagnosis, can and did, open my eyes to the things that are really most important in life, and it was none of what I mentioned. I was a christian woman, who had gone thru a lot to get to where I was, and now I was being faced with another hurdle. A life changing one at that.

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